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    Fiabilis Group Story

    Fiabilis Group Story
    « It is difficulties that give birth to miracles. »
    William F. Sharpe, American economist 1990 Nobel Prize in Economic
    Looking at a crisis with a disruptive eye to find a solution that goes beyond contingency.
    Such is the typical attitude of a curious young mind who, in Spain in 2008, refused to remain the witness of a Europe sinking into an economic crisis of a rare magnitude. He had to act. And that’s precisely what he did.
    It is in this extraordinary context that the idea of Fiabilis was born, with the conviction that the search for cost productivity improvement is the centre of the organization in any profitable and growing company.
    The curiosity, of us and of our first clients, was the lever that turned an idea into a real audit process based on robust methodological sources.
    And so it was that Guillaume in Spain, Benjamin in Belgium, José-Antonio in Italy, Anna in Poland, Arnaud in France, Christian in Chile and Pedro in Brazil gave rise to Fiabilis’ early successes in Europe and LATAM.

    Today, our results and those of our missions depend on the talent and determination of the many «adventurous experts» who have joined their teams.

    All are human beings who have listened and acted with their wealth of experience. But they have never lost their curiosity for the unexplored.

    All are reliable (fiable in Spanish and French, ed.) people who generate new savings every year for our customers, looking for new ways to control and optimize.

    Innovation is the essence of our story.
    It is the driving force behind all of us consultants, attorneys, legal experts and developers at work every day to help improve the performance of those who rely on us.







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